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English Speaking photographer in Tokyo.


国際結婚 / 外国人カップル / 宣材写真  / 広告撮影


hello, I'm a photographer based in Tokyo.

My name is Atsuki Umeda.

I shoot wedding snapshots / pre-wedding photos / family photos / commercial photos all around Japan.

I used to work for Sony Ginza for years and teached photography.

I used to live in  United States for 5 years, so if you are looking for photographer who can speak english and takes good photos,

I'm the one who can do that so please feel free to email me in English and ask me whatever you want.

I can go all around Japan, even in other countries if you like to do so.

please take a look at my photos. If you like my works,  please contact me.

I love to shoot your photos!

price :


pre-wedding photos at Tokyo / Yokohama :

69800 yen + tax (weekdays)

98000 yen + tax (weekends and public holidays)

about 3 hours of shooting. (2 or 3 locations. transportation by taxi)

over 200 finely edited pictures .

recommended place / city to shoot

Shibuya, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku Metropolitan Government, Harajuku, Tokyo station.

price above includes just photographer.

if you need makeup artist and attend staff, I can find it for you

wedding snapshots :

128000 yen + tax.

(about 800~1000 beautifully edited photos.)

family photos :

1h30min~2hours of shooting

about 100 finely edited pictures

28800 yen + tax

commercial photos / other kinds of photos

price : Ask

if you want to see photography samples, please take a look at my website.

feel free to ask whatever you want.

please contact me by email.








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